More news... / by Sarah

So the Tibi show was AMAZING.  Better and more exciting than I ever could have imagine.  I am still on such a high, that I thought it was finally time to let our some other amazing news I have to share.  The hubs and I are expecting our first baby!  We couldn't be more thrilled.  I am due late January 2012, and all the preparation needs are beginning to sink in.  Don't worry, this won't turn into a baby blog, but some things may creep into here from time to this little gem...the infamous SOPHIE!

My best friend gave me her as our first baby gift.  Sophie the Giraffe is one of her baby daughter's favorite toys and we have been giggling about it for a while now.  Basically it is a $30 dog toy for children, and they love it!  It even says so on the box...

Sight:  The Dark and contrasting attention-catching spots all over Sophie the Giraffe's body provide visual stimulation and she soon becomes a familiar and reassuring object for baby.

Hearing: Sophie the Giraffe's squeaker keeps baby amused and stimulates his hearing

Taste: Her soft texture and numerous chewable parts (ears, horns, legs), make her perfect for soothing baby's sore gums during teething.

Smell: The singular scent of natural rubber from the Hevea tree makes Sophie the Giraffe very special and easy for your child to identify amid all his other toys.

Touch: Sophie the Giraffe's shape and size are perfect for baby's small hands.

Um, I said...a dog toy...but babies love it, and I am sure my little one will too.  Plus she really works with the safari themed nursery I am planning. :)