Monday morning you sure look fine. / by Sarah

Well, we survived the blistering heat wave that engulfed the north east this weekend and welcomed a breezy, slightly cloudy Monday morning with open arms.  For the weekend we had my god-son in town, and we had a blast showing him Boston, despite the sweltering heat. I had wanted to do a "tourist in your own city" photo blog post today, but I could barely manage to lug around my SLR this weekend in the 100+ degree temps.  I'll have to just leave you with a little play-by-play of our tourist weekend in Boston.


• Airport pick-up

• Walk to the North End, see outside of Paul Revere housr

• Dinner in the North End at L'Osteria - authentic, side street, mom & pop type Italian place.  Dinner in the quaint North End is a must for any Boston tourist.

• Improve comedy show at Improv Asylum (great fun)

• Gelato and walk home


Saturday: • Breakfast sandwiches at home (yum!)

• New England Aquarium (go see all my biologist and fish friends, was also nice and cool)

• Walk a bit of the Freedom Trail home

• Walking tour of Beacon Hill (Only mediocre this of the weekend.  Tour guide was about as exciting as dry white toast...we skipped out early)

• Walk to Cheers and despite god-son being 18 years old and never having seen Cheer, bought him a cheesy t-shirt

• Walk in Public Garden, so pretty

• Dinner at Beehive in South End (Delish and fun live music playing.  Walking in this place just makes you feel cool.)

• Dessert at the Top of the Hub.  (Totally a touristly thing to do, but with the best views of the city you can see why.)



• Drop off at the airport after a fun filled weekend.