I always have such an amazingly wonderful and relaxing time when I visit Maine.  The ocean, the walks, the November light, my sister's dog Jake, the wheat-free almond goodies at Scratch Baking, Co. near Willard Beach...everything there is like a beautiful storybook, and it was great fun to have a little girl time with my sister.  She better be careful, with Boston only a 2 1/2 hour drive away I plan on becoming a more frequent visitor.


Willard Beach, Cape Elizabeth, ME

Willard Beachsm


Jake the Spinone

Part muppet, part regal hunting dog, Jake is perhaps the coolest dog I have ever seen.  He is enormous and hilarious and has these human eyes that are so expressive.


Just look at him preening for the camera...



Jake's across the street neighbor, Pushy the Old English Sheep dog.


Walking Jake at night


To Danforth Cove


So wonderful.  Can't wait to go back.  *Sigh