Magical Majorca (Mallorca) / by Sarah

The island of Majorca was simply magical.  With its aqua blue water, alpine like cliffs, grazing sheep and rolling olive and citrus tree groves , the island felt like 5 worlds in one.



We stayed at the Hotel La Residencia, in the small town of Deià.  The quaint town (they only have 800 permanent residents) is located on the western side of Majorca and served as the perfect quiet honeymoon get away location.  From the city center  you could access dozens of trails and walks through the hills and olive groves.  The only thing that broke the peaceful silence was the sounds of sheep bells ringing through the valley or the church on the hill ringing its bells to indicate the hour.   It was honeymoon bliss at its best.

Model Jump Shots - just like in Vogue



Great cafe

With a cozy fire



The Hotel La Residencia was the perfect honeymoon get away hotel.  It had many amenities, including indoor and outdoor pools, hot tub, spa, tennis, wonderful food and impeccable service, but it did not feel too large and resort like.  It was absolutely wonderful, but I will let the photos do the talking.

View from our room

Indoor Pool

Love, love

Ugh!  Just look at that tennis court over looking the ocean.  I am sure my tennis friends in Atlanta are seething with envy :)

Dinner at El Olivo

Portrait of a Husband

Scotch shot (practicing my product shots)


Baked and served in a gorgeous shell.

So wonderful and so sad to leave


Majorca Airport

The Majorca airport was one of those enormous concrete modern airports with glossy floors and stainless steel accents.  It reminded me of a building the people from Wallpaper magazine would just go gaga over, and even though it is not really my taste...I have to this particular light I thought it was strangely lovely.

Adios Majorca.  I promise to come visit lots.  :)