Life in Motion / by Sarah

As I lay in bed last night preparing for the onslaught of trade shows and travel, my mind was spinning with check lists and projects still needing to be finished (and mentally decorating my new studio space! :)).  With all the spinning, for some reason my mind settled on an exhibition I had seen at the Art Institute of Chicago while I was in graduate school there years ago:

Gerhard Richter. 40 Years of Painting; The Art Institute of Chicago, Chicago, USA; June 14, 2002 - September 14, 2002

Many of his paintings have a photographic quality to them in which I have been inspired since first seeing the exhibition.

Betty, 1988


Ella, 2007 (Not in the 2002 exhibition but a favorite none the less)


Woman Descending the Staircase, 1965



Others are pure abstract bliss.  This series is mammoth in size with each canvas measuring 10.5' x 13' (320 x 400 cm) and brilliantly gives the feel of each month in which they are titled.

November, 1989


December, 1989


January, 1989


And this gem.

Abstraktes Bild; Abstract Painting, 1992

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It had me thinking about some of my work and how consciously and unconsciously inspired I am by his paintings.


On the plane to Orland as I type and dreaming up my next photo shoot and studio move in.  Cheers.