Kids Art Gallery Wall / by Sarah

Kids_Gallery_Wall-5 Any parent of a pre-school aged child knows well the massive, wonderful amounts of art your child can bring home from school.  The art is precious, it is darling and all masterpieces, of course.  But what to do with it all?  (Full disclosure, many of my daughter's "master pieces" have seen the recycling bin...opps.)  Well after a year and a half in our new home I am finally getting around to hanging some art.  Nailing anything into the walls felt like a major commitment after all the time and money we have put into our place, so I have been very hesitant about hanging some art.  (Much to my husbands chagrin.  "Can we please just hang those frames you have propped up agains every console and mantel."  He has pleaded.)  I decided to start with the big blank wall in our kitchen.  Some people recommended we paint it with chalk-board paint so the kids could draw on it, but that is just too messy me.    Instead I decide to frame my daughter's art.

I literally had every frame already in my possession, just filled with old photos or art I didn't want to display any more.  I spray painted most of them gold, but decided to leave some black for a little contrast and cohesion with my kitchen.  I even got a little crafty and decided to get a gold leaf dipped look to one of the frames.  I just taped off the area I wanted to remain black with painters tape and spray painted the rest.  I gently swiped over the wet paint with my finger to give it a hand brushed look.

Kids_Gallery_Wall-1 Kids_Gallery_Wall-2 Kids_Gallery_Wall-3

Then I floated each piece on some white mat board.  The majority of her works are on 8 1/2" x 11 paper, which is not a standard frame size.  Plus I liked the "mixed media" look the floating gives.


I am beyond thrilled with the outcome.  My budding Picasso can look at her art everyday and we get some lovely and cheep abstract art.  The framing isn't custom, so we can't switch out the art as she makes more and as baby boy starts to contribute.