It's still here-winter / by Sarah

Over the years writing this this blog (since Dec '08, can you believe it) I have come to collect a whole category of winter posts.  Inspiration, self preservation, call it what you will, I keep trying to Pollyanna the winters here in my new home.  Winter in the country is really the best.  Nature shines and sparkles, but winter in the city can get gray and gross fast.  It's hard to find beauty in dirty sidewalks and salt on your gorgeous leather boots you bought in September, but yesterday I found myself caught (totally unprepared...guess I should read the weather prediction) down at my studio and found those first few hours of a snow covered city quiet and lovely.  These images aren't particularly overwhelming or amazing.  Just a quite winter Monday in February.  Christmas is long gone, but spring is not yet here.  Quietly waiting.

Someone who always make winter look chic is the Bersa Boutique blog.  Located on a small island off of Sweden her images of life and her shop are very clean, very country, very Swedish.  I always pop over to her blog to see how lovely winter can be...even if I can' read it.

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