Interiors Inspiration

So we are knee deep in the design, layout and contractor selection of the renovation of our new home.  The house has great bones but needs a lot of work.  I am excited and absolutely terrified at the same time.  We have a crazy aggressive timeline to get the work done and move into the house, but the amount of work to do to get there feels huge.  I am thinking of a way to incorporate our renovation process into this blog without it becoming the blog becoming too "My renovation," so let me know what you think.  But the other night, as I was putting the baby to bed and the hubby was out at a work dinner, I realized I needed some calming inspiration.  Pinterest is an amazing recourse and I already have numerous boards developed for the house.  (Check out my boards here.  The renovation specific boards are labeled Homeland.)  I started flipping through the photos from a recent job I did for Stayci Fast and I realized I haven't shared them yet.  I love photographing with Stayci.  The woman is an amazing home stager and designer and has the best props in the world.  All of here accessories have me super inspired.

StayciFast-Kitchen2012-1 StayciFast-Kitchen2012-2 StayciFast-Kitchen2012-3 StayciFast-Kitchen2012-4 StayciFast-Kitchen2012-5 StayciFast-Kitchen2012-6 StayciFast-Kitchen2012-7 StayciFast-Kitchen2012-8 StayciFast-Kitchen2012-9

How cool does this West Elm light fixture look when lit?!StayciFast-Kitchen2012-10