I'm married!!!!

So, I took the week off from blogging to get married!  It was so wonderful and fun and beautiful and exhausting and well, everything!  The girls looked amazing in their J.Crew bridesmaid dresses and the boys looked sharp in their black suits and Vineyard Vines ties.  The food and cakes were delicious.  The band, Anita was beyond amazing, (I swear the soul of Barry White is still alive.  The one member of the band sounded just like him!) and the exit my parents surprised us with was the pis de la resistance to the most perfect evening ever.  Well, that and the sheets at the Cloister at Sea Island where we stayed on our wedding night.  I am in the process of hunting them down, so we can wake-up every morning feeling that same way.  Minus the champagne headache of course. I will do a full proper wedding post as the photos come in, but in the mean time here are some photos of me and my new husband.  (So great and strange to say that!)


Photos, Maren Hayes (thanks for being the first one to send me photos)

Now back to real work and reality, as we are saving our honeymoon for November.