I'm Leaving Las Vegas

I am sooooooooooooooooooo happy to be home and finished with my trips to Las Veags for the year.  Vegas for 6 days at a time and twice in three weeks is enough to make even the most avid fan long for "normal" life, and as someone who is not a huge Las Vegas fan, I am thirlled to be home to say the least.  A big part of my work for The QUIKRETE Companies over the past few years has been to design and help set the trade show booth for their national trade shows, and more often than not, these trade shows are held in Las Vegas.  It is great creative and rewarding work but also long and tiring.  This year I was determined to not let typical Vegas, trade show, stressful logistics get me down.  I decided to use my camera for more than just photographing the trade show goings ons and in turn I was able to look at the city in some different ways than previous years...meaning more that just stress and hate :)  (Although a quick weekend visit by my darling husband on my second trip also helped immensely.)



"I'm Leaving Las Vegas"


Not exactly Paris...


The Nevada Mountains


The Wynn Las Veags

Both business trips I stayed at the Wynn Las Vegas, and of all the placed I have stayed in Las Vegas over the years, it is my favorite.  It is the most "non-Vegas-like" casino or hotel.  Don't get me wrong, it is still totally Vegas, but I think the whimsical, pop art feel of the place appeals to my artistic sensibilities.  No knights or pirates just some funky art installations.

A giant animatronic frog would appear 2-3 times a night overlooking the waterfall and "Lake of Dreams" (the Wynn's name, not mine) The Frog would alternate singing Jimmy Durante and Garth Brooks.  I couldn't get enough of it.  There were other performance type art shows like this through out each evening, some a little more trippy that others, but the frog was my favorite.

I think what made me enjoy my stay at the Wynn so much was the service.  Everyone who worked there was friendly and polite.  You got the feeling they actually enjoyed their job.  The woman whom I had spent about 2 hours on the phone with one day, changing and correcting over 40 room reservation for our group, had this amazing chocolate sculpture of the Wynn sent up upon my arrival.

Any my darling hubby came out for the weekend to keep me company and go out to dinner.  Friday night we went to dinner at the Daniel Boulud Brasserie in the hotel.  Since my Hermes post and watching hours upon hours of the HBO series Rome. I have been obsessed with braids.

Boston Proper dress in navy (Best packing dress ever!  Their stuff can be slightly cheesy and boobielicious but you can also find some great stuff there), YSL heals, Anthropologie Bib necklace, The Ruby Door earings.


I spend one entire evening popping in and out of all the drool worthy shops at the Wynn including Chanel, Dior, Cartier, and Alexander McQueen.

Look what I saw in the Alexander McQueen shop!

Doesn't it look just like the red and black vintage fur I saw in Barcelona?  I wonder if Alexander McQueen himself had been to that shop and was inspired...


Trade Shows

So the real reason I was in Vegas for all those days and nights was to direct in the QUIRKETE booth set up for the International Builders' Show and the World of Concrete.  Now, this blog is not meant to be about my commercial work with QUIRKETE.  In fact, this blog is meant to be a creative and inspirational outlet outside of that work, but the redesign of the booth and preparation for the shows has pretty much consumed me for the past three months, so I had to share a little bit of what I have been doing.


Filming some TV segments for HGTV




50% Recycled Material Concrete Mix - very cool to have been a part of the package design of this awesome product.

I just had to make a little concrete art.


And now home!  So glad!