Yesterday afternoon I had a particularly fussy little girl who did not want to nap.  Realizing she wanted nothing to do with her crib and I was not going to get a few (much needed) hours of quiet to finish a video project, we hit the streets.  The rumble of the bricks and cobble stones in my neighborhood usually rock her to sleep in no time at all...usually.  Our walk did lead way to some glossy streets, rain soaked flowers and eventually...sleep.


P.S. We had round two of not wanting to go to sleep that evening.  After almost two hours of trying, just as we got her quiet in her crib, the fire alarm in our apartment building went off.  It ended up being a false alarm thank goodness, but not before we hiked down 7 flights of stairs, into the rainy night, with fire trucks and firemen crowding our street.  I am tired...that is all.