Home Renovation

Winchester-Library-black For the past 2 years, much of this blog has been devoted to our home renovation.  A home renovation truly consumes you.  It's all you can think about and talk about.  Makes for very boring cocktail conversation.  I fear I have been a very boring cocktail guest and blog writer this past bit, but I cannot help it.  Not that it is done, I am so proud of our home and absolutely LOVE it.  So when The Boston Globe ran a piece on two of my favorite rooms, our kitchen and Library a few weeks ago, I was over the moon.  It is always nice to get that outside approval and justification, however sill and shallow that sounds.  On top of my home being published, I got to photograph it!  Ice cream sunday with a cheer on top.  The article printed three photographs of the space, but I of course took way more.

The Library (pictured above and below)

I use this term loosely.  Yes we have a gorgeous built-in bookcase filled with my favorite art, travel and photography books, as well as my hubby's college football helmet, but 1/3 of it is devoted to the TV.  Yes, that eye-sore that is the bain of every designers existence, but lets face it...probably the thing in the room that gets the most use.

Curry-Winchester-Library-2low  Curry-Winchester-Library-4 Curry-Winchester-Library-5


Here is the living room/library beforeTvkwJzgh455vX94mfL2pOEdBHRriY3tlRUpyAeFDaJk,9ufTavm_GKRzBPE7ASpLbtmETBLU7gqYXDCHNnBpgTI

The Kitchen

I did a post about the kitchen a few months ago on this post), but I styled and reshot it for The Globe piece

Winchest-CurryKitchen-4low Winchest-CurryBreakfastRoom-1low Winchest-CurryKitchen-5low Winchest-CurryKitchen-3low


The before once again.