Front Row at a Fashion Show

Last weekend I packed up my camera gear, kissed bébé goodbye for my first night away and hopped a train to New York. I was a ball of nervous energy, excitement and sheer joy. I absolutely eat up all the Fashion Week hullabaloo with a sterling silver spoon. (P.S. have never used the word hullabaloo before but it is stuck in my head...seems appropriate.)

Anyway, I got to photograph backstage at the Tibi fashion show and then sat front row! As a seat filler of course. I kind of love being this low key, nobody, snapping away among the flurry of models, make-up artist, socialites and self-important fashion reporters. I find it fascinating. And as an unapologetic fan of fashion shows and Tibi clothing in particular, I love seeing what designer Amy Smilovic has in store for next season. Let me tell you, it is black and white, minimal, sleek and very wearable. It's Céline meets 90's Calvin Klein, but at a much more feasible price point.

Front of the House

Although my seat was front row, it didn't really lend itself to a great camera angle of the clothes...those girls walk FAST and my shutter speed could barely keep up with them. For the full show look-by-look go to but for some shots from my point of view, see below. Plus my seat mate, the designer's darling 10 year old son made for some fun conversation. At one point he leans over, looking at the screen on my camera and goes, "its at 2.8 (referring to my aperture setting), that is good." What?!?!?! You rock kid!

Next: all the back stage action.