Friday Night Lights / by Sarah

Friday was my 5th Wedding Anniversary to my wonderful husband and we did the most spectacular thing ever...took 24 hours for just us.  We (tried) to take a half day of work on Friday, logged off and packed up the car to make the long 5 mile trek from our home to the downtown Boston Ritz.  We had an afternoon massage, walked around the Boston Common and Garden, grabbed a drink at the beautiful Taj Hotel bar over looking the park and ate dinner at an old favorite (Beacon Hill Bistro) from our days in Beacon Hill.  Then we slept for a blessed, uninterrupted 10 hours.  It is amazing how much you don't realize you need a 24 hour get away, until you get it.  We returned back to our crazy little family Saturday afternoon, feeling refreshed, connected and ready to get thrown back into mommy and daddy land.  Now if we could just have this every month. (Don't worry Grammy and Grampy...we won't.) Beacon Hill Night

Here we are heading out for cocktails (or an assassination as one friend commented), in the exact post where he proposed.