Fashion Rules Party / by Sarah


Last Thursday night I had the fun opportunity to attend the Fashion Rules Party at the Boston Neiman Marcus.  The clever PR people at Neiman Marcus brought together some fashionable Boston biased bloggers and asked them each to curate their dream closet.  I purposely did not bring my camera, as I wanted it to be a night of fun and no work, but I immediately regretted it.  Each vignette/dream closet was so artistically thought out and beautifully displayed.  The bloggers incorporated personal items, inspiration boards and interior design.  The displays were fabulous, so I attempted to capture the night in iPhone photos.


Elements of Style

Of course the über chic Erin Gates of Elements of Style was at the top of their list.  Erin's picks, Chanel, Marc Jacobs, Prada, Christian Louboutin...dream closet indeed!



Beyond Boston Chic

I had met Martini of Beyond Boston Chic once before and have followed her blog for ages now.  It was great to see her lovely smiling face again, and her dream closet was gorgeous.


The evening also introduced me to some bloggers in which I have not been following.  It is definitely a sign of a good night when you get to meet great new people and find new blogs!


Om Gal

I had the pleasure of meeting Rebecca Pacheco of Om Gal.  Her blog makes me want to run to the nearest yoga class.  The poses she can do are ridiculous!

Gucci and the Boston Marathon, this yogi is such an inspirational rock star.


Other beautiful vignettes

I think this was Alli Achtmeyer of Style Alli, but I am not sure...I loved it none the less.


Sequins and breton stripes, two of my most favorite things!  Oh and in the background, some of the remnants of the delicious (but VERY strong) martinis they were serving up.


Love the old photos.  Moms are such style icons.


Eric Levin — founder of Elevin Studios


I don't know if other Neiman Marcus store did this but, hurrah for the Boston store for highlighting the creative talent of Boston bloggers and creating a fun night around them.  How can you beat, martinis, luxury designers and blogging.  I know I can't think of better evening.