Elements of Style - head shots / by Sarah

Last week I popped over to the new Element Interiors and Elements of Style studio to shoot a few quick head shots of the beautiful and talented Erin Gates.  I am sure most of you probably read Erin's wildly popular blog.  It is a daily click of mine, usually first thing in the morning with my coffee.  In fact her blog provided me with tons of inspiration for my current Boston digs. (Erin also did a very blush worth post about it on her blog.)  Anyway, here are few from the shoot with more to come as her studio evolves.

I loved her inspiration wall and headed straight for it to start the shoot.


Erin is so photogenic, the shoot was a breeze, except for my desire to steal her gorgeous bracelet.  Love it!


Her two little Havanese pups were the perfect gentlemen and even posed for a few shots themselves.

I wish all my shoots were this easy.