Ducks in a row / by Sarah

I went to pull some photographs to post from all my recent travels and projects and I kind of just blanked.  I mean, I have a plethora of images and stories (not pinatas) to share but as I went to sit down today....nothing.  I think it may have in part to do with I basically took last week off for Easter and travels and yesterday we closed on a house!!!!! Ahhhhh.  Oh and we are touring and applying to preschools, and our poor sweet babysitter has been in and out of the hospital (everything is okay), but it has been quite a week.  So I am chalk full of ideas, but as I go to create a post I just fizzle.  But rewind back to the house...yeah, we bought a house.  I have not mentioned it much for fear of jinxing the deal, but for the past few months we have been negotiating a deal on a beautiful, giant, 150 year old Chestnut Hill.  Yes, I will be trading in my Beacon Hill digs for another "hill" in Boston.  While technically the new house is in the city of Newton we are just 5 miles form our current home, and will be increasing our living space 5 times as much.  With all this, also comes a big renovation.  The house is gorgeous with great bones, but unfortunately has not been updated since the 80's.  It needs a ton of TLC, a sledge hammer in some places, moving of a stairwell, removing of a stairwell, and a lots of paint.  I am so excited at the opportunity to design and make a house perfect for my family, but the excitement is tempered with fear and anxiety.  The time, the coordination, the cost...I just have to keep telling myself it will be awesome.  And it will.  It will just take some time...which I totally have loads of, right?  Haha