Dogs & People of Brimfield / by Sarah

I found the people at Brimfield facinating.  From the treasure hunters like us to antique dealers and specialist.  Some were kind and friendly, dying to share stories with us about their goods.  Others, shooed us away, exclaiming No Photographs, at the sight of my camera.  The girl above looked so chic and pulled together despite the 90+ temperatures.  Had I turned the camera would have seen a sweaty hot mess.


This guy was the epitome of the cool antique dealer.


The odd couple.  He with his Rex Sox cap and she with her Yankees...antiquing in peace.


Dogs were everywhere to be seen.  Each dealer had a trusty pup by their side, just trying to find some shade.

I can't believe we lasted as long as we did at the show, but the site of one amazing piece had you dying to explore one more row, or one more field.  I can't wait to go back...Although next time I might demand to be pushed around in something like this, complete with built in fan...lucky dog.