Dinner Party / by Sarah

The universe had seem hell bent on trying to inhibit any party I have been trying to have in our new home.  We had to cancel our big Christmas Party due to sickness and then this weekend the dinner party we had planned on Saturday was derailed by yet another snow storm.  Fortunately people we able to reschedule for Sunday night and we were finally able to entertain some friends in our new home!

I love being the hostess.  I love being around my friends in my own house, not to mention I get to decorate and use all my lovely things.  I maxed out on the Valentine's Day theme for this dinner with flowers and candies, but I also tried to use all my own plates, vases, napkins, etc. without buying more things just for this party.  We finally have the space to have all our wedding china and silver, so I broke it out.  Makes me realize I need to do it more often.  Like every weekend.  I love love love me some formal place settings.  Perhaps it is too much Downton Abbey (I now regularly break out my china tea cups for evening herbal tea thanks to Downton) or perhaps it is that southern influence (my mother always said, why do we have all these things if we don't use them?) but I love it.  Yeah hear that hubby...Friday night dinners on china!  Yay!

I hope you all had a Happy Valentine's Day.