Devil in the details

Our 130 year old home has so may lovely details and we were intent of restoring and bringing them back to some of their old grander. And while much of the house is still in construction disarray, I have to say I am very happy with these little results.  It gives me hope that the rest will be finished soon.

I love love love how these brass hinges came out.  If you remember they were absolutely coated in year and years of paint.

IMG_1927 IMG_1929


And this kids chair came out great!  Leopard love.

IMG_1933 IMG_1934


I also love this lighting score form Lowe's  I think it adds a little romantic glam to our bedroomIMG_1937 IMG_1939

Every room of the house has one of the beautiful grates, but they were absolutely filthy and layer upon layer of more paint (one was what can only be called "Fenway green."  We scrubbed, scrapped, and chipped away at these for days and then gave them a fresh coat of glossy black paint.  I am so in love with them!