Deck the Halls with EVERYTHING / by Sarah


As I mentioned before, I LOVE Christmas.  I am Clark Griswold and Buddy the Elf rolled into one.  I think I began planning my Christmas decorating scheme this year some time in October, when I told my husband I wanted to...big news...change where we normally place the tree!  He laughed and dutifully indulged me by pretended he had been thinking about that too.  Well we have been busy decorating the house.  I'm not going to lie, I am pretty pleased with how things came out.  This is our 3rd Christmas here and I think we may have mastered a Christmas decorating plan to repeat in years to come.

The Foyer

This year we also decided to put the tree right in the foyer.  I love that you can see the tree from almost any room, and you instantly see it upon entering the from door or walking down the stairs.  



The Library

Bay Leaf garland draping the fireplaces in out Living Room and Library.  They smell amazing even as the dry.  Also, I got these stocking by John Robishaw years ago, but finally had our names monogrammed on them this fall by Hempsted Thread.  Now if only we could convert those fireplaces to working year please Santa.  Also, a special thanks to Libby Silvia from Art Style, who let me borrow that cool "Rising Moon" blue dot painting by Stephanie Henderson.  After I sold my Live Oaks piece, the wall was quite bare and I needed something for the holidays.  

The Living Room

More bay leaf garland, some little lemon cyprus trees, a plaid throw, and some wonderful angel print pillows from outsider artist R. A. Miller, my mother and aunt gave me years ago along side Christmas books from other great artists, Eric Carle and Howard Finster.  A nod to our family's Georgia and Massachusetts roots.

The Dinning Room

I potted lots and lots of Paperwhites.  The smell is a bit strong from my husband, so we have had to move then around a bit, but they are just so Christmassy,  especially planted in the silver Paul Revere bowls tied with some ribbon.

I love my blue and white ceramics and I  was inspired by a recent photo shoot with Shelter Interiors to place them on the dinning room table.  I loved them there so much, I didn't want to move them for the holidays.  And  thanks to my mom for bringing these gorgeous orchids to Thanksgiving dinner.  I haven't killed them yet! 

Christmas is T-minus 9 days and our house is bursting with excitement.  I hope every one is having a wonderful Holiday Season