Christmas Cards... / by Sarah

The dreaded "Christmas Cards".  I never really knew how much of an ordeal the whole Christmas card tradition was until I got married and had a baby.  After you have a baby, you feel an immense pressure to send out the perfect card with your darling cherub proclaiming to the world what a perfect family you have.  I am also asked to photograph many many many families for Christmas card images every October - December.  (We are talking 3 to 4 shoots a weekend.)  So I feel your pain.  Getting the whole family: mom, dad, baby, toddler, dog etc. to all smile, look at the camera and not have an expression of sheer disdain on their face is quite a feat.  For all parties involved.  Which is why I absolutely LOVED designer, colleague, client and studio mate of mine, Stayci Fast's, idea for her family photo shoot.  She styled the whole shoot down to every detail and her kids were easier to work with than some professional models.  Goldfish in drink...check.  Pink colored dog...check.  Punk, preppy kids...check.  The shoot was so much fun and I loved that she decided to go with a funny take on the whole holiday card thing.  "Peace, Love and Whatev."  Don't we all feel like that sometimes during the holidays?