Changing of the gaurd / by Sarah

Today it a fairly historic day in the city of Boston, Mayor Thomas Menino, the city's longest serving mayor will be stepping down at 71 years old.  Now I am a "new" Bostonian but the significance is not lost.  A few weeks ago I was hired to photograph an event in which the mayor would be attending and speaking.  Regardless of your politics I found it a pretty special honor to photograph this historic figure in his final days of office.

FamilyAidBoston_Dec2013(lowres)-52 FamilyAidBoston_Dec2013(lowres)-54

Now onto the new.  It will be interesting to see how the city changes and evolves in the coming years under Marty Walsh.

* Note: I now officially reside in the City of Newton so I did not vote in this election, but my business it located in the City of Boston.