Cape Crusaders – Part 2 (turns into Sea Island) / by Sarah

Total sadness.   All of my photos of Woods Hole have gotten lost in cyber land. :(  The clarity of the water that weekend had a Caribbean-like aqua blue character.  The likes of nothing I have seen in the Atlantic.  It was gorgeous.  I guess  I will just have to go back, hopefully sooner than later.  I am so bumbed.


Sea Island Modern

Instead here is a cool modern home I saw in Sea Island over Easter.  The architecture style is not very "Sea Island", but I thought the clean angles and white color looked amazing juxtaposed with the organic Spanish moss and live oaks.  Oh and all those windows over looking the marsh!  It makes me want to sit inside there and write a novel or something.  No wonder Eugene O'Neill once lived and wrote on Sea Island (not in this house of course).  So dreamy and moody.  See you soon Sea Island :)