Cape Crusaders - Part 1 / by Sarah

Sorry to MIA.  Has been a crazy week, but more on that later.

I had to share some photos from my hubby and I's little trip down to Cape Cod last weekend.  I had only spent one weekend down there late last summer when I first moved to Boston and was dying to explore it more, so last Saturday we decided to just hop in the car with an overnight bag, my trusty camera and no plans.  Spring was in the air and it was wonderful.

Spring is here and I love it!


We drove out the Chatham, the elbow of Cape Cod and what looked like the end of the world.  Just miles and miles of sand and sand bars and then...the Atlantic Ocean

We must have walked 2 miles trying to get out all the way to the edge of the elbow.

It felt like the middle of no where

Hungry and tired we turned our efforts around and headed back to get some food.  Thank goodness they have and amazing hotel and resturant at the end of the earth. :)  The Chatham Bars Inn was right up on the hill.  The hotel and grounds were AMAZING to say the least and had that quintessential "cape feel."

The view was to die for and they had a gorgeous telescope on the front patio of the hotel.

You could see a few little cabins built all the way out on the sand bars.

Close up through the telescope.

And that was just Saturday.  Nest up, Woods Hole on Sunday...