Brimfield 2013 / by Sarah

The famous fields of Brimfield, I always find the best stuff to photograph, and with our new house being renovated and lots more square feet to furnish this year I could be on the hunt for not just photographs.  Well, on the research hunt.  I need tiles, appliances, light fixtures, and some windows first.  But I found lots of inspiration.

Gorgeous iron work.

BrimfieldMay2013_MedRes-6 BrimfieldMay2013_MedRes-7 BrimfieldMay2013_MedRes-8

Baby Bertolli chair


Actually we saw tones of children's furniture.  So cute.


BrimfieldMay2013_MedRes-18 BrimfieldMay2013_MedRes-19 BrimfieldMay2013_MedRes-20 BrimfieldMay2013_MedRes-21 BrimfieldMay2013_MedRes-22

More children's goodies

BrimfieldMay2013_MedRes-26 BrimfieldMay2013_MedRes-30 BrimfieldMay2013_MedRes-33 BrimfieldMay2013_MedRes-34 BrimfieldMay2013_MedRes-37

My mother in law gave me a lovely piece of amethyst (my daughter's birthstone) like these for Christmas last year.  Love it!

BrimfieldMay2013_MedRes-42 BrimfieldMay2013_MedRes-46

Great wall of suitcases!  Love this.BrimfieldMay2013_MedRes-47 BrimfieldMay2013_MedRes-48

Brimfiled also boasts some of the best people watching.


And nerdy memorabilia.  Love it!


Oh I did by one thing...this huge 9 x 12 wool leopard rug for a steal!  Erin Gates must be rubbing off on me.  She totally convinced me to get it.  Such a big rug for such a deal.  I know I will find a place for it in our new place.  Love that is has the different hide print patterns.  So excited.