Boys room design. Cool not kiddie - The Boston Globe / by Sarah

In November I photographed the home of blogger Robin Anderson, for her website redesign and relaunch.  One look at the place and I knew it had to reach further.  The place was in a word, cool.  Novogratz meets Cambridge.  Sporty, global and fun.  Well the Boston Globe agreed and it was published in Sunday's Magazine on their StyleWatch page.

 Earlier this year she redesigned the room for her two your boys as the 3 year old moved from the nursery in with his 7 year old borther.  Robin is so kind, creative and well...totally "not a regular mom."  She's a "cool mom."  As evident in the fun yet layered space she designed for her boys.  Here is a link to the online article.

And here are the photos.



 Robin was kind enough to send me a picture of the print article as I spend the week here in Georgia.  (Happy to see some green, sad to miss the print article.)


And she apparently braved all the Boston snow and bought out The Globe in Cambridge. :)


P. S. The rest of her super cool home will be featured in another fabulous publication this month.  Cannot wait to share the rest!