Behind the scenes - ELEMENTS photo shoot / by Sarah

Behind the Scenes of a photo shoot

In my previous post I showed you all the final images from my photo shoot for Erin Gates' spring line but here I'd like to draw back the curtin a bit and chat about the behind the scenes.

Since Erin and her team couldn't come down for the shoot, I had to style and produce the shoot on my own and recruit a few locals for some help.  The pillows were all shipped down from New York and I traveled with all my gear (and two children) by plane, but I wanted to leave the accessorizing and prop shopping until I got down to Georgia.  First and foremost, for logistical reasons, I physically could not bring everything 1000 miles.  Secondly, I wanted to shop the shops down there to make sure the shoot had that low country vibe.  Luckily St. Simons Island, GA is ripe with some fantastic shops.  Vine Garden Market was treasure trove.  I picked up flowers, accessories and books there.  The Market at Sea Island has fabulous local goods and pantry items. (P.S. I am obsesses with Georgia Olive Farms Olive Oil and Dot and Army table linens.  Both items all made in Georgia and both really great quality!  I love seeing what shops in different parts of the country curate and offer.  It can be so different from region to region.

Vine Garden Market

Johnson Van Interiors is a no longer a retail space but their design studio it still a great inspiration and wonderful to pop in, say hi and flip through their amazing fabric library.  Talk about organizational goals.

And of course I had to pop into the amazing Dee Simmons Interiors.  Her design reputation and the amazing Lindsay Adelman branching chandler drew me in.  (I had already purchased my branching globe chandler, and I just installed it last week.  I am in love.)

And this custom Dee Simmons designed horn scones was AMAZING.  Just wish my photo wasn't so crappy.

Scouting Locations

I was fortunate enough to know my shooting location quite intimately, as it was my family's home.  I had already planned out some locations in my mind, but I was pleasantly surprised once I did some scouting shots how new amazing little spots gave just the perfect white light, almost like a studio.  Not to mention my mom's succulent game was on and strong.  They just love that Georgia humid heat.

Day of the Shoot

With my inspiration, prop and flower shopping complete I was ready to get down to the shoot.  I hired a local assistant (and sometime babysitter to my kids) to help with the shoot.  The stuffing and re-stuffing of pillows alone took half the day.  She was a rock star, and there nothing better or more southern than your photo assistant showing up in monogrammed leather riding boots...and getting Chick-fil-a for lunch.

You can't tell form the photos but it was POURING down rain that day.  We literally had to watch the radar and time our outside shoots down to the minute, but a good rain also leaves the foliage looking glossy and saturated with color.  Overall the shoot was a lot of work, but a lot of great photos also came from the shoot.  A win.

Congratulations to Erin on a gorgeous spring collection.  I can't wait to see...and shoot Fall 2017.