Beach Bums

My brief trip to Sea Island in April left me craving more for sunshine and salty air, so upon returning from that weekend, I immediately books flights for another, slightly longer getaway for the Memorial Day weekend.  Friends of ours from Washington, DC and their 15 month old little man joined my husband and I, and made for a wonderful little party of 5. We spent our days playing in the pool, walking on the beach, exploring marine life and even enjoyed a full moon over the ocean one night.  I now like to refer to the trip as our first annual family Memorial Day beach trip, hoping to have many more to come with our friends.

The only schedule in which to adhere were mandatory 3pm piña coladas by the pool.

(photo of my hubby and I by Jackie Donovan)


Fountian fun - The Sea Island Beach Club is child's dream play land...and well actually a grown-up dream play land as well.  The place is perfection.



Beach time

and lots of exploring

Horseshoe crab - amazing and prehistoric looking

The dunes at the end of the island are more than 4 ft tall.

Father and son

Hermit crab


Family photo - Believe it or not I took these on the beach at 1o o'clock at night with only the full moon reflecting off the ocean and a long shutter speed for light.  If you look closely you can see the stars even.

Same photos with a little photoshop auto color.  I love that it looks like a painting.


Happiness is the beach with family and friends.  I am such a lucky girl. :)