Bahamas beauty, Bimini Islands / by Sarah

The Bahamas are a well known and well traveled hot spot for many an American looking for warm weather, crystal blue waters and expansive skies, but the Bimini Islands are no Atlantis resort monstrosity.  A favorite spot of Ernest Hemingway and known for its big game fish, the Bimini islands are located just 60 miles due east of Miami and re some of the smallest islands that make up the over 700 island and cays of the Bahamas.

On our New England Aquarium Collecting trip, we spent most of our time out to sea, circling the Bimini Islands at various dive sites.  Although the evening before crossed back to Miami, we had some time to walk around North Bimini and follow some of the footsteps of Hemingway.  They island was very quite this time of year and the famous The Complete Angler Hotel (where Hemingway stayed during his time in North Bimini) had burned down 6 years ago but there were glimpses of island charm and 1930's grandeur.

The King's Highway, North Bimini


Old front step of The Complete Angler Hotel