Baby Steps

“I’ve done a lot if things in my life. Most of them inadvertent.” —Michael Feldman 

I read this quote over on Stacy Style's blog the other day and I find it to be so true.  While I am a very goal oriented person and love digging into new projects, I rarely approach things with a single minded, do or die, attitude.  I usually let my passions, desires and gut steer where I am going.  My love for a man (now my husband) brought me to Boston, which led me to start my own business.  Moving to a new city where I knew no one and trying to start a business led me to meet some of the most wonderfully, creative and inspirational people...well that and my blogs and social media addiction.  Now that I am a mom to the most beautiful baby girl and figuring the whole parenting thing out, I find all these inadvertent things have helped to create this beautiful, beautiful life I find myself leading.  Don't get me wrong, my to do list is still a mile long and I am lucky if I get a shower and a thank you note a day completed, but I am figuring it out.  I must remind myself it is okay if I don't have my s*#! together.  Combining being a mother and running a business will take time or as Bob in "What About Bob" put it baby steps.


Photos from my afternoon strolls in the Public Garden and excursions to Starbucks...