The ALLY Foundation

Well, I are back from beautiful Whistler, Canada and moved to a new apartments yesterday.  Needless to day I am digging through mounds of work, boxes and editing massive amounts of photos from our trip.

While I pick and choose the perfect Whistler photos in which to share (soooo many), I had to share some photos from a charity event we went to this weekend, The ALLY Foundation annual Flip Flop Regatta.  The ALLY Foundation was established in memory of Alexandra Nicole Zapp, who was murdered by a repeat sex offender.  The Foundation, founded and run by Ally’s mother and stepfather, has a mission to prevent opportunities for violent sex offenses, to educate the public and advocate for necessary changes in culture, attitude and policy. My husband has raised money and run the Boston Marathon for The ALLY Foundation four times.  We have come to know Ally's mother and step-father quite well and support the foundation when ever we can.  (For me that is going to events...not running 26.2 miles.)  So sorry for this sad post, but I had to share.

The evening event kicking off the Flip Flop Regatta (or as Rachel from Friends would say...a Regatta Gala!) was beautiful and although I was only equipped with my iPhone, I had to share some photos and this wonderful group.

The evening on the water was beautiful.


Ally was a preppy girl at heart, so it is fitting the foundation colors are pink and green.