A little shopping at the beach. / by Sarah

While we spent most of our time at the beach this weekend relaxing and enjoying the Sea Island, GA weather, I did purchase a few items.  For when I popped into the beach club shop to get some sunscreen , they were just too cute/yummy to resist.

• Moroccan style basket from San Diego Hat Company.  Only $38 for this perfect beach bag/purse!
• Octopus stuffed animal.
• Bag full of very cherry Jelly Belly’s and sour cherries.  My favorite candies.

They were all so cute together I had to shoot them on my beach chair.


I just love this guy and the bubble pattern.  What should I name him/her?

The weekend was perfect and I have a bunch of great photos including some night shots, on the beach, with the full moon.  More tomorrow.