Meet our new intern!

Exciting news here at Sarah Winchester Studios…we have our first every intern!!!  With me this summer and guest blogging throughout, is the lovely Jacalyn Reed.  Jacalyn is a rising sophomore at my alma mater, Villanova University, and a Communications major.  (She has already proven herself to be indispensable these first two weeks.)  Jacalyn is a native New Englander with roots in Boston and Newport.  She has that great classic, preppy style, but  I’ll let her tell you more.


After completing four years at an all girls’ catholic school, I then ventured to Villanova University, which to be honest had a similar feel, (with the addition of boys of course). I have just finished my freshman year; it was a major transition that I fell in love with. Everything about my first year in college was fantastic, from the amazing people I met to the interesting classes I took. Although, uprooting your life is difficult at times, I am now looking forward to a summer of fun at home!

Villanova University

My internship seems to be so fun and interesting so far and I am thrilled about all the wonderful projects that Sarah and I have ahead of us! I am also looking forward spending time in one of my favorite places, Newport, Rhode Island. Newport has always had a special place in my heart because it is where my whole family comes together and shares amazing memories. I have been so fortunate to be able to enjoy my summers in Newport since I was born.

The Newport Bridge


I have worked retail for the past four years in Newport and have been able to develop a good sense of my own style, combining things I like and are considered “in style” with what looks good on me. Throughout the summer, my goal is to share some of my fashion insight. For the summer, I have some “must-have” items, which include, a monogrammed iPhone case, Jack Rogers sandals, a pair of Ray Bans, white jeans, and a neon pedicure!

My Summer Must-Haves:

I am never without a monogrammed iPhone case, its cute and personal all while protecting your phone! Not to mention all the fabulous patterns and color combinations!


Jack Rogers are a basic in my summer wardrobe I can usually match anything to a pair of these adorable sandals! I of course am obsessed with the monogrammed ones!


I honestly wish it were fashionably acceptable to wear white jeans all year long they go with everything! These slight flare leg jeans are so flattering and look great with wedges, heels or flats!


Ray Ban aviators


I love when it is finally appropriate for summer nail colors because that means it is time for the neon’s to come out! I never go without neon Essie color on either my nails or my toes!